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  • This month’s curry of the month is a true spicy taste of India! Far more flavoursome than a vindaloo – and with lovely steam cooking it is a fresh and fiery treat! For a first timer – this isn’t a place to start – but for you curry lovers in Edinburgh – this is one of our best treats at our restaurant (or order for takeaway).

    North Indian Chilli Garlic Chicken

    The three main ingredients are advertised in the name of the dish – and when one of them is chilli – you know that this is not one for the more cautious eater! This is a dish with large pieces of all three – in a lively sauce and garnished with fresh coriander. The ingredients are complemented with a range of other spices and flavourings to ensure that the overall taste is well balanced and pleasing to the tongue.

    We’d recommend eating it with some lovely fresh rice – and maybe a cool glass of lassi, beer or wine!

  • Our Featured Dish of the month for April is Dupiaza. Whatever you want to have with it, be it Chicken, Lamb, Prawns, King Prawns, Vegetables (or even Panir if you ask nicely) this is a truly authentic Indian dish from Hyderabad. The name comes from the Urdu term for “Two Onions” – and that’s just what this dish is, a curry with twice as many onions as you would expect.

    Our version maintains the tradition of having a slightly sour and medium hot flavour, and we add our own secret mix of spices and fresh herbs to further complement the flavour. If we had to recommend the version we think is the best – it would be the King Prawn version – but if you’re on a tighter budget – standard prawns are great. To accompany – we’d recommend the simplicity of fresh Pilau Rice.

  • Our dish for this month is the fantastic Mughlai Chana Gosht.

    Firstly, a quick break down of the name.  Mughlai simply refers to where the inspiration comes from – this dish is very typically South Asian.  Chana is the Hindi word for chick peas – very common in true Indian cooking.  Gosht is the Persian word for meat – and for this dish this means Lamb.

    So what is special about this South Asian dish of Chickpeas and Lamb?  Well – for those of you yet to try it, we cook them both in lovely lemon juice to add a bit of sourness, we then supplement this with tangy fresh coriander leaves and fiery ginger to give it some spice and to further enrich the flavour.  The overall experience is a medium hot dish with flavours that dance on your tongue!

    There is plenty of flavour in the dish – so we recommend enjoying the dish with some plain or pilau rice to further soak up flavour, and a simple naan or a few chapattis to dip in the sauce.

  • Prawn Puri

    Here’s a starter recommendation for you.  Our chef’s create some fantastic Indian classics – from the ever reliable pakuras and samosas to a range of the best kebabs.

    If you like prawns though – we know we have a starter that is ideal.  Whether you like meaty king prawns – or just the usual size – our Prawn Puri is a delight.  The fantastic taste and texture of prawns served in a lovely light spiced sauce and accompanied by lovely puffy fried bread – perfect for making little parcels and soaking up the flavours.

    Trust us – this is one dish we know you will love and will come back to time after time!

  • Biryanis

    Do you ever wonder whether you want to have rice or bread with you dish – or  just let someone else decide?   The biryani is a fantastic Indian meal – whatever you are after it will be perfectly cooked in ghee before being incorporated into the rice with a lovely curry sauce.  The rice takes on the fantastic buttery flavour – as well as the richness of the curry flavour of the dish – creating a perfect mixture of taste.

    At the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant – we will make you a fantastic biryani – you can have vegetables meat or prawns cooked into it – and just tell us how spicy you can handle it – and we’ll be more than happy to oblige.  If you don’t think it will be filling enough (unlikely!) – just order a few chapattis – the perfect match.

  • A quick translation of the title of this dish is King Prawns with Butter.  In all honesty – this dish gives so much more – with the sumptuous prawns barbecued in the tandoor before being added to a mild butter based sauce to really set the flavours alight.

    This dish is one we strongly recommend you enjoy with some rice and a few chapattis.  Picking up the large prawns in the fresh warm bread and dipping into the sauce is a delight.